Motivational Quotes to Help You in Recovery

The power of words is often underestimated, causing people to forget that they have one of the most powerful tools with them at all times. In recovery, quotes and affirmations can serve a significant purpose in helping you maintain your sobriety. Even after years in recovery, repeating specific motivational quotes or phrases can serve as helpful reminders as to why you started in the first place. 

On good days, these words can help you celebrate. On the bad days, they can help you overcome whatever obstacles or challenges you are facing. As you continue your recovery journey, keep these motivational quotes in mind to help you maintain sobriety for the long term.

“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven't.”

Thomas Edison has attributed this quote as a reminder that there is always another way of trying something. Recovery can be redundant at times and make you question if the process is worth it. When you begin having these thoughts, thinking back to this quote can remind you that you are not stuck. There is always another way out or through. You just have to keep pushing to find it. Don’t allow yourself to give up. 

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

While in recovery, no matter if you have been along the journey for months or years, there will be times you compare yourself to others in recovery as well. You may question why you aren’t as strong as the person in your support group or wonder why you haven’t met the goals you set at the beginning of your recovery. When these thoughts flood your head, thinking back to this Teddy Roosevelt quote can help you work through them. 

It is crucial to remember that you can only do the best with what you have at this moment. You are not supposed to be living out someone else’s journey, nor should you hold yourself to impossible expectations. Healing at your own pace and being comfortable with it is what will help you achieve lifelong sobriety.

“Knowing that we can be loved exactly as we are gives us all the best opportunity for growing into the healthiest of people.”

If you have been in recovery for any length of time, you probably know that addiction feeds on low self-esteem. You believe that you are not worth anything more than the suffering it offers you, so you perpetuate it by continuing the cycle. In recovery, learning self-love is critical to growing in recovery. 

Mister Rogers said it best with this quote, as it reminds you that you can be loved exactly as you are in this moment. You don’t need to change anything about yourself to be worthy of love. When you learn to accept this, you can grow into a healthy and happy person in recovery. Always remember that you are worthy of love, even self-love, no matter where you are in your recovery journey.

"Relax, stop overdoing it, and just breathe for a second."

Sometimes, you may put unnecessary pressure on yourself in recovery because you believe you should be acting a certain way, achieving specific goals, or feeling better than you should. These pressures can threaten your sobriety and put you at risk of relapse. Remembering to stop every once in a while and breathe can help you slow down and release these anxieties. If you find yourself stressing in recovery, repeat this quote by Zendaya to yourself. Taking a second to relax can keep your head above water even on the most challenging of days.

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”

One of the most inspirational figures in the public’s eye is perhaps the Dalai Lama. You can find numerous inspirational quotes and affirmations by this figure, but this quote is one of the best for recovery. You will experience setbacks in your quest for lifelong sobriety, and you may allow these setbacks to let you down. 

However, it is crucial to remember that sometimes you don’t get what you want for a reason. An opening is left for something better to take its place, and you just have to wait and see. When you face moments of disappointment, remember this quote to help you through them.

“There is more to life than being a passenger.”

While struggling with active addiction, you were not living life to the fullest. Instead, you found yourself existing, watching the days pass, wandering aimlessly through life. In recovery, you have the opportunity to take charge of your life and make it what you always dreamed of. As stated by Amelia Earhart in this famous quote, there is much more to life than just existing. Take her advice and be the pilot of yourself. You are more than a passenger.

On the days that you struggle most in recovery, sometimes all you need are a few inspiring words to turn things around. Having reminders from your favorite celebrities or historical figures can help give you the strength to brave another day and keep pushing towards a long and happy life. These quotes are just some examples of many to support your recovery. If you need further guidance, NorthStar Transitions is here to help. We help individuals at all points in their recovery journeys find their way. We understand the difficulties that come even after years of recovery, and our programs are built to help even the most seasoned individuals. Traditional and holistic therapies are used and tailored to each patient’s needs to ensure they receive the best care available. Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Boulder, CO, you are sure to find healing at NorthStar. Call us today at (303) 558-6400.

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