Preserving Your Limits and Finding Comfort in Recovery

As you navigate the recovery journey, remembering to preserve your limits and find comfort is essential to your ultimate goals. Addiction recovery requires commitment and focus on increasing your self-acceptance and comfort while you battle the roller coaster of unpredictability and change. Recovery is a beneficial thing in your life, and making the most out of it can make all the difference in the long-term recovery outcomes for you.

Learn How to Get Comfortable In Recovery

Without some kind of help, redefining values and protecting our self-worth can be difficult for everyone. We use relationships and connections as a means to feel comfortable. However, during the recovery process, you may feel overwhelmed and stressed at times. This level of comfortability can get challenged. 

Addiction recovery requires you to maintain a positive direction, but at the same time, it can challenge your perception of life and the limitations you set up for yourself in recovery. Balance and direction can be beneficial for you in your recovery process. If you’re looking to get a healthy sense of self-worth, you can learn how to make yourself comfortable by being uncomfortable. What this means for you is that there will be questions that may make you feel nervous or anxious during your recovery journey. 

You may have lower self-esteem and not feel up to unraveling particular emotions or specific moments in your life. However, if you want to reach the ultimate goal of a healthier life, letting yourself become uncomfortable by addressing these concerns can make you comfortable with the recovery process. It is when you address what you’re feeling and thinking that the recovery path opens. The comforts of recovery create a movement inside and outside of you. They get you out of your comfort zone, redefining who you are and what you want to do. 

We all want to stay comfortable, but in recovery, stepping out of that box impacts the results. Remind yourself when you feel uncomfortable that you are in a safe and respectful environment. The ultimate goal is to make you comfortable in recovery by helping you get out of your comfort zone for the brief time necessary to address your inner concerns and thoughts. 

Once you break free of your comfort zone, your comfort level in recovery expands. You can find a new perspective of self-thinking and healthily redirect your thoughts and emotions, allowing you to regain your comfort.

Setting Yourself up for Success With Boundaries

Alongside getting out of your comfort zone and recovering, setting yourself up for success with boundaries is key to maintaining your recovery. When you set yourself up with too many boundaries, though, it can inhibit your growth. Having healthy boundaries is crucial as having inflexible boundaries can become overwhelming. 

Some individuals will set healthy boundaries to help them maintain their values. Healthy boundaries help you understand yourself deeper by not focusing on who others think you should be. Unhealthy boundaries include reacting with impulsive behaviors, ignoring personal values, belittling others, attempting to force your beliefs with others, or not taking responsibility for your actions. 

Creating healthy boundaries sets you up for success in recovery. Boundaries are a barrier to protect yourself while you’re learning to trust yourself again. Often those struggling with addiction have a difficult time articulating during communication. They may have a difficult time respecting the boundaries of their loved ones. If you establish a healthy boundary, you can maintain control of yourself and your recovery process.

Comfort Recovery Ideas to Take Advantage in Recovery

As you go through recovery, you are setting yourself up with limitations and boundaries so you can step out of the box of comfort, making you uncomfortable so that you can eventually be comfortable. Recovery will test your comforts, and at the same time, give you coping strategies to maintain a long-term healthy life. 

Some of the tips you can take advantage of in recovery to build your limits and your comfort levels can include meditation, exercise, yoga, breathing techniques, counseling, and self-reflection. If you feel that your comfort level is challenged, put into practice some of these ideas to see how much you can improve. You may get a lasting result or build quality relationships with yourself and those around you. 

Your recovery process will be jump-started and boosted with maintaining your limitations, establishing your boundaries, and retraining your comfortability. There will be times in recovery that you will feel uncomfortable, but they are vital to the recovery plan. Taking full advantage of different tips and tricks of what’s worked for others can build your tolerance for the discomfort. 

Break Free From Old Habits

The whole point of treatment is to break you free from old habits and build your life with a new skill set and a new mindset to give you purpose. Once you establish your change and accept it, you can pursue setting limits and boundaries to extend your comfortability and embrace your new healing. 

Recovery gives you peace of mind and a means to explore different types of acceptance and limitations to ultimately make you a stronger person. If you’re fully comfortable, you won’t make the right mental moves. You can achieve eventual comfort by being uncomfortable, utilizing the coping mechanisms and resources available to reestablish insight into your inner self.

At NorthStar Transitions, we understand that practicing your limits and giving you ways to find acceptance is going to challenge you. However, the whole reason why you’re in recovery is to redefine your self-worth and find purpose within yourself. We want you to feel accepted, whether it’s the recovery or if it’s just the initial thought about getting sober. Many individuals in recovery still struggle with understanding limitations and acceptance. We are here to help you the entire time. We know that every situation is different, and you may feel uncomfortable at times, but if you address the different degrees in your life, you can then accept yourself on a whole new level. If you have questions or concerns or feel that you’re struggling with the acceptance of limitations, we are here for you. You are not alone. You are brave, and you can change with the right help. Reach out to NorthStar Transitions today or call us at (303) 558-6400

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