Recovery Goals: Broken Armor Needs a Blacksmith

Goal setting is a big part of the conversation discussed in recovery from addiction. Substance use disorders drive you to make different decisions in life, and many life goals are set aside or put on the back burner because of challenges, mental illnesses, or stress.

In the early days of recovery, you may feel distant or disconnected without the ability to clarify what you want or define your goals. Recovery goals are vital, and they need careful, guided attention to give purpose and a heightened focus on your quality of life. Your goals are like your armor against substance use disorder, and when it is broken, you need the help of a recovery blacksmith to patch you back up.

Goals and Broken Armor

Back in medieval times, knights and armies typically had to take all of their broken armor to a blacksmith for maintenance and repairs. Most of them would never even think of tossing it out because replacing it would cost far more than the repair. In today’s day, that is not the case. It is usually cheaper to find a new product and toss out the old broken one than deal with the stress to repair it.

Recovery goals are similar to the medieval ages and armor. When you create a goal, you have an expectation and an idea of the end result. Your goals are your armor, as pursuing sobriety goals is what protects you from the destructive effects of relapsing. When your goals are broken, derailed, or become hard to attain, the stress of trying to reclaim them or fix them can be difficult, especially when substance use is part of the process.

Instead of letting your goals get thrown out the door, bring them to a blacksmith to repair what has been damaged. Substance use treatment professionals who provide caring and compassionate guidance are your blacksmiths in this case and are there to help mend the goals.

While there may still be signs of the previous damage on a piece of armor—places where your goals got off track or did not serve you the way you thought they would—the repaired and maintained areas are often more substantial and more resilient.

The Process of Repair and Maintenance

You may feel damage or hurt when first entering the recovery journey. That is why your treatment team, along with people in your life who support your decision to get sober, help you weave goals, tools, and support structures into armor, This armor protects and carries you through to your final destination.

When you start creating recovery goals, it goes deeper than just finding the means to be happy or gaining control of yourself. Instead, you want to begin to progress toward achieving the goal of becoming more focused on the result. You can easily begin to consider various objectives such as physical health, self-improvement, personal needs, finances, or eliminating harmful life habits.

Armor repair was not done overnight but rather through a step-by-step process; it took a little time and a lot of careful attention. The same can go for recovery goals, as it will take time to develop them and identify the negative influences that may be inhibiting them from being achievable. When something goes wrong, it will take time and thought to determine the best way to patch up a weak spot in your recovery plan to keep you progressing.

The Connection Between Broken Armor and Substance Use Treatment

Creating decisive goals will build a more fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle for you and your final destination. In substance use treatment, you are taught that recovery is a journey, not a destination. Finding ways to continually renew your motivation and be uplifted is all part of the maintenance and repair process. Furthermore, creating goals and establishing new lifestyle choices is an experience you will never forget as you push yourself toward new, healthier ways of living.

Without repairing yourself or identifying self-destructive behaviors, the armor and goals around you are damaged. Therefore, it is essential to find a blacksmith or a recovery center that cares about your whole-body healing. Similar to full-body armor, recovery tools, goals, and specialists help keep you from harm. By taking each area and maintaining and repairing it, you can be continually equipped to deal with challenges that are thrown at you.

Going through substance use disorder treatment will give you your armor. Like knights in medieval times, do not throw away all your progress when one thing gets damaged due to difficulties. Find someone who can help you make a plan to repair and reinforce the lapse in protection.

Setbacks in your recovery goals do not mean you have done anything wrong. You just need a little maintenance, and your armor will be stronger for it.

At NorthStar Transitions, we want you to find a rewarding and successful recovery journey and establish clarity in your goals while eliminating unhealthy habits. We are here to be your blacksmiths and guide you in the right direction where you can develop and create stronger goals as you recover from substance use. You may be struggling with a substance use disorder, and the recovery may seem unachievable or impossible. With the help and focus of our team, we can tackle the complex challenges to help you build your armor and patch it up when you need more help. For more information or guidance on how to eliminate substance use in your life, we can help you begin your recovery journey today. Whether you need to put on your first set of armor or repair damage to an existing set, call NorthStar Transitions at (303) 558-6400.

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