Spring Cleaning Your Mind, Body & Spirit

When we think of spring, we often think of reorganizing closets and drawers, washing windows and doors and dusting every inch and corner of our homes. But this season of new beginnings can also be a time to clear those cobwebs from our minds, bodies and spirits.

Here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Cleanse your mind. The best way to do this is by making an effort to turn negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones. One trick: Write down three things that are going well (and why) every day for seven days.
  • Stock up on seasonal produce. Eating fresh foods is the perfect way to rejuvenate your body this spring. Take a trip to your local farmer’s market and stock up on in-season favorites like asparagus, fava beans, peas and strawberries. Along these same lines, clear out your kitchen of any high-sugar, high-salt and fat-laden processed foods to make room for healthier fare.
  • Schedule wellness visits. A big part of lasting sobriety is taking care of your overall health and wellness and this means scheduling any routine blood tests or regular, annual checkups.
  • Reenergize your exercise routine. The best way to stick with fitness is to find physical activities that you enjoy. In other words, if you’re bored of the same old elliptical routine, shake things up this spring. Head outdoors for a hike, try a new yoga class or get digging and burn calories outside in the garden.
  • Carve out quiet time. A little planned alone time can help you identify any head garbage cluttering your mind and heart. Try deep breathing, meditation, journaling or spending time in nature to tap into your spirit.

Health and Wellness and Addiction TreatmentNorthStar Transitions offers clients general wellness programming so they can develop healthy habits and routines that can be used during and after addiction treatment. To learn more about our programs and services, call today: 303-625-6335.

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