The Benefit of Reassuring Notes in Life After Treatment

After undergoing treatment, it's very likely that at some point, alumni will deal with loss or rejection. As alumni members learn to move forward in a healthier lifestyle, making amends and addressing feelings is essential for growth. One way alumni can express personal feelings to their friends and family is through notes. There are different elements of a note that will enrich the lives of others. They are written in a simple, effective, and treasured manner.

As you learned in treatment, words can make all the difference. Life beyond treatment requires dedication to your commitment. Writing warm and reassuring notes builds relationships and outwardly expresses your commitment to your friends and family. However, when writing a note to your friends and family, you must remember they might have been hurt from your previous substance use. A note can easily get written with positive words but have a negative result. During treatment, you learned that positivity is the key to a successful and happy life. You showed your friends and family your positivity and commitment, and with a note, you can further express it to them. 

When to Deliver Your Note

There are many different reasons as to why someone would want to write a warm and reassuring note to someone they care about. However, there are specific times to consider delivering the note. Before writing the note, decide on what timing would benefit it. Your friends and family may still be hesitant to trust you and your recovery because of the previous hurt. However, when you continue showing your progress and maintaining your commitment, the hesitancy fades away over time. For example, when you're looking to resolve conflicts with a warm and reassuring note, a good idea would be to invite the other person to help you search for solutions. This can help to reduce conflicts by taking the first step towards resolution

Another type of note is an apology letter, which helps absolve the hurt on both sides of the relationship. Almost everyone in the world has been hurt or wronged by someone else. Therefore, if you want to encourage the healing process, a simple apology in a written handwritten note is one of the best ways to start.

Next, choose the right time to give it to them. You do not want to give it to them right after an argument or at a funeral, for example. The best time is one where most obstacles are out of the way. When dealing with loss or rejection, a comforting note helps build connections by showing support and encouragement. Consider the type of occasion or event to deliver the note. When you start writing, develop the words of encouragement around warm, comforting thoughts, and it will drive the compassion. While you went through treatment, your friends and family dealt with life outside of the treatment center, and it may not have been as pretty as they would have liked it to be. 

Enriching the Lives of Others

Undergoing treatment is challenging for many individuals and is also something to celebrate. However, when you are looking to reconnect with friends and family members who may have been hurt, writing the right words of warmth and reassurance can make all the difference.

Some elements that are important for a warm and reassuring note are sincerity, length, and spontaneity. When you start to write your notes, remember to feel and convey words built on sincerity. No one wants to read a note that doesn't feel sincere. If you can make your note short and sincere, you can enrich the lives of others around you. It is essential to life beyond treatment because it develops your integrity and builds up the trust of others.

Additionally, being spontaneous with when to deliver or write your warm note can be reassuring to your loved ones. Spontaneously giving someone a loving note shows them your sincerity and enthusiasm. It may even remain in their mind for years to come. You want to show others how much you care and support them because you receive the same from them.

However, when you write a note, remember your strategy. Complimenting someone is one thing, but writing a note about why a note is being written is something else entirely. Be specific about why the note is written and maintain your sincerity throughout the details. It is important because you show them your head is clear, and you want to rebuild your relationship with them.

Your Memory Is Preserved

Once your note is written and delivered, you have made a memory. Positive memories are treasures. If you have considered when to write your note, how you wrote it, and the way it's presented to your friends and family, the note will be a lasting memory and ]a treasure in their hearts. The world is sometimes cold, and a lot of individuals may not understand how to convey emotions and feelings in an influential manner, but when warm notes are written from the heart, the negative elements of the past start to fade.

NorthStar Transitions wants to give you the motivation to learn how to better connect with your friends and family. When you enrich the lives of others with a warm and reassuring note, the caring you've expressed can last a lifetime. If you have gone through treatment, designing a heartfelt note with warmth and reassurance gives you the ability to express your feelings and apologize for any mistakes you made in the past. NorthStar Transitions believes alumni members can continue living healthy lives and can reconnect with their loved ones by enriching those relationships with effectively written notes. Continuing to grow after treatment helps make amends and establishes trust. Expressing your commitment to your family makes all the difference in life beyond treatment. If you struggle with substance use or are looking for help in Boulder and want to learn more about how to write warm and treasured notes, reach out to NorthStar Transitions at (303) 558-6400.

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