The Best Online Support Groups For Staying Sober During COVID-19

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm and has left many feeling isolated, hopeless, and as if this situation will never end. Staying in quarantine for months on end for the sake of your friends and family can take its toll on you, especially if you are in recovery from addiction. With all of the memes regarding day drinking and more, it can be hard to stay sober. Temptations and cravings are everywhere nowadays, but fear not! There are ways to connect with a support group without breaking social distancing rules. Online support groups are a great alternative to physical ones as the pandemic continues on. Below are some of the best online support groups to help you stay sober and connected during COVID-19.

Benefits of Going to a Support Group

Going to a support group is a great way to connect with other individuals in recovery who have a like-minded goal of staying sober from alcohol and drugs. Finding fellowship within a support group will give you lifelong friends who will encourage you and hold you accountable in your own recovery. The people you meet will be able to empathize with you on a level no one else can because they understand what you have gone through and how much you have fought for your sobriety.

Support groups also have emotional benefits, such as support for distressing times in your life that threaten your sobriety. Going to these groups provides you with a space to discuss what you are going through whether it be good or bad. This is extremely healing and offers a real connection with the other members.

Online Support Groups

In the wake of a global pandemic, online support groups have become the new normal. These are some of the best ones to take part in that can help you stay sober and meet with other sober individuals without the risk of spreading or contracting the coronavirus.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Alcoholics Anonymous is a twelve-step program that comes together for the purpose of maintaining sobriety and recovering from alcoholism. AA is run by the individuals that are a part of the group, with many chapters across the United States and around the world. Online meetings typically take place over Zoom. You can find online meetings to join by going to the AA website and browsing their directory of online meetings.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

Narcotics Anonymous is similar to Alcoholics Anonymous in that they both follow the twelve-step model in their programs. Members come together and run the organizations on their own, allowing for individuals of all backgrounds to join as long as their primary goal is to encourage recovery and stay sober. NA is for individuals that have had trouble with drug addiction in the past, with meetings held all over the world. Online meetings can be found on the NA website and are typically held over Zoom.

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training. It brings together individuals that want to recover from various addictive behaviors. Unlike the twelve steps of AA and NA, SMART Recovery bases its program on a scientific foundation rather than a spiritual one. You can find online meetings with SMART Recovery on their website under “SROL” (SMART Recovery Online Community).

Club Soda

Club Soda is a support group that approaches sobriety from alcoholism from a mindfulness perspective. Its goal is to help those who choose not to drink to not feel out of place and to feel just as comfortable as drinkers are in places that serve alcohol. Encouragement and coping strategies are constantly offered if your current situation just isn’t working for you. You can find their online community and meetings on their website or on Facebook.

Bridge Club by Tempest

Bridge Club is a support group that mainly focuses on the LGBTQIA+ community and women who are sober or wanting to get sober. Bridge Club is run by the community of its members and works to build meaningful bonds between members who support recovery and sobriety. The group typically meets in person but has been moved online due to COVID-19. You can find their online meetings on the Tempest website or by a quick Google search.


LifeRing is a secular support group that aims to connect its members through practical day-to-day ways to stay sober. The group believes that successful sobriety comes in many forms, meaning that there are a variety of stories to hear that provide valuable advice. On the LifeRing website, there is an entire schedule of online meetings with dates and times. You are sure to find one that works for you.

Women for Sobriety (WFS)

Women for Sobriety helps women find happiness in their sobriety. The group provides support and encouragement through their thirteen Acceptance Statements. The goal is to bring together women of all backgrounds and expressions of female identity for the common goal of finding growth in sobriety. You can find their online meetings on their website.

Sobriety can be hard to manage in the face of a global pandemic. The stress that is on everyone around the world right now is unlike anything the population has seen before, at least in recent years. All the memes about day drinking and discussion boards of people discussing how they are (un)healthily coping with quarantine leave a lot of room for temptations and urge to affect those in recovery. Luckily, there are online support groups of like-minded sober people to provide encouragement and accountability during these difficult and uncertain times. At Northstar Transitions, we understand how difficult this year has been and still want to provide the help we love to give, even over the internet. We believe taking part in an online support group will help with healing and more in the face of a pandemic. If you need help connecting with an online support group or have any other questions, we are here to help. Call us today at (303) 558-6400.

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