The Importance Of Joining An Alumni Network After Addiction Treatment

When recovering from addiction, a strong support network can be life-saving. It helps aid in maintaining long-term sobriety after addiction treatment. Remaining in contact with individuals that went through the same treatment as you and reaching out to those that can empathize is never too difficult.You can maintain these close ties by joining an alumni network following your treatment for addiction. Staying in touch with other alumni is made easy by joining or participating in certain groups and activities by alumni networks:

  • Regular Alumni
  • Alumni Reunion
  • Workshops
  • Special Alumni Status
  • Connections Through Social Media

Getting involved with an alumni network can help you maintain recovery for the long term.

Benefits Of Joining An Alumni Network

Joining an alumni network has a multitude of benefits both for your recovery and overall wellbeing. Take these benefits into account when considering to join an alumni network after your addiction treatment.


The fellowship cultivated between you and other alumni cannot be found anywhere else. This is because you all are bonded by a chronic disease that has wreaked havoc on your lives. No one can empathize better than someone who has gone through the same thing as you have.


When you stay in touch with and experience life with those that are also fighting for their sobriety, you are more motivated to progress towards your own recovery. Hold yourself accountable for going to meetings, whether it be on a weekly or monthly basis. This can help decrease your risk of relapse.


While those that are in an alumni network did not have a mirror image of your experience, they have also faced their own hardships because of their addictions. Those in alumni networks can empathize with you in a way no one else can because they will have experienced the lows of addiction and treatment, but also understand the positives of sobriety. Talking to them on the bad days and having them remind you of how far you come can help keep you on track.

Keeping In Touch

Making new friends and staying in contact with them after treatment ends can keep you from self-isolating. Enjoying life with them and sharing similar stories can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Through the alumni network, these friendships and bonds can grow stronger.


When you join an alumni network, you are joining a pre-formed sober community that is fighting for sobriety just like you. When you are stressed, depressed, or just feeling low, you will have people to go to rather than feeling alone, which could lead to relapse. For both your triumphs and your losses, the alumni network will be there to give you the support you need to maintain your sobriety.

Easing Into Life After Treatment

Alumni networks can help people transition into life after rehab. Examples of this can be found in the communities of sober living homes. The fellowship created between those that have gone through addiction is unlike any other bond. According to the Journal Of Psychoactive DrugsScience proves this research shows how sober living homes and transitional programs help addicts in recovery maintain abstinence.

Continued Support From Treatment Providers

Many aftercare services are available through alumni networks that are run by treatment centers. Joining an alumni network can give you access to these services, which can help you transition back into daily life. This is because you have a connection to the treatment center or program. These services can also help prevent a relapse because the professionals at the treatment center will be able to spot signs of an oncoming relapse and take appropriate action.

Relapse Prevention

Alumni networks provide all the tools you need when facing a possible relapse. 24-hour hotlines, social media accounts, email, and other resources are there for you to reach out to if you are feeling overwhelmed and at a low place in your recovery.Access To Addiction Education, Relapse Prevention Programs, Guided Group Sessions, & WorkshopsThe activities that alumni networks host can give you a treasure trove of information regarding coping mechanisms, education about addiction, group therapy sessions, and more. Specific activities that are generally offered include:

  • Weekly meetings
  • Educational opportunities
  • Monthly sober activities
  • Education concerning recovery, coping strategies, etc.
  • Group sessions with sober individuals
  • Workshops for building and maintaining a sober lifestyle

The details of these events can commonly be found in the network’s newsletter.

Freedom Of Involvement

With alumni networks, there is no pressure to attend every single meeting or activity. The program is suited for your needs and preferences without the expectation of you attending every event. You can simply go once in a while if that is what you are comfortable with. Most events are free and help strengthen your connection with other people. You can tailor your alumni network experience to your wants and needs in recovery.

How To Find An Alumni Network

Ask your treatment center for any alumni networks they may be affiliated with or can recommend for you. They can then put you in contact with those groups. You can also search the internet for trustworthy networks with a good reputation that aligns with your goals in recovery.

Alumni networks are great tools for maintaining recovery once addiction treatment ends. They have a multitude of benefits such as connection, community, motivation, resources for addiction and coping skills, and more. Alumni networks keep you in contact with sober friends that can motivate you in your recovery. They will celebrate your victories and be there for you in the low moments. Call (303) 558-6400 to talk with a representative at NorthStar Transitions to learn more about alumni networks and to obtain some recommendations.

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