The Importance of Peers In Addiction Recovery

Addiction is often a lonely disease and can cause you to withdraw from the same social support that is needed to stay mentally healthy. Research has linked social support to many different aspects of health and wellness, including a reduced risk of depression and loneliness.

A big part of a successful recovery is building bonds with others who get what you’re going through. During recovery, the right peers can provide support and motivation as you journey toward lasting sobriety. Your peers can help to build you up during times of stress and give you the strength to carry on and thrive in your recovery.

Making friends who understand the tough work of recovery is crucial. Your recovery peers won’t judge or fear your past. After all, they “get it.” For instance, they also struggle daily with cravings and coping with fluctuated emotions and repairing relationships with old friends and family members.

By sharing their experiences, peers bring hope to people in recovery and promote a sense of belonging within the community, explains The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. SAMHSA notes that peer support in recovery offers the following:

  • Emotional support: Peer support provides emotional support and helps build self-esteem.
  • Informational support: You can learn from your peers as you share your story and listen to what has and hasn’t worked in their recovery.
  • Affiliational support: Peers help you to meet others in recovery and to become more involved with your local recovery community. The result: A greater sense of belonging and less loneliness.

Sober Living for MenAt NorthStar Transitions, our sober living program for men fosters peer support. In these transitional communities, men of all ages establish friendships as they relax with peers, try new hobbies, join intramural sports teams, or hike, camp and rock-climb in the Flatirons or at nearby Rocky Mountain National Park. To learn more, call today: 303-416-6867.

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