Why Your Growth Feels Uncomfortable

Have you ever wondered why you feel uncomfortable when you grow in a new direction? The aspect of growth is a combination of loss and adjusted ambitions. Your uncomfortable feelings begin because the amount of loss makes you feel uneasy, yet the desire to change leads to growth. Being uncomfortable when you are growing is normal, especially after undergoing treatment.

Why Discomfort Is Part of the Process

Everyone goes through change, and change begins with the self. Change doesn’t necessarily register in our brains until we get a little older or experience different situations. Throughout life, you’re going through different stages of growth, developing from a baby into a toddler, eventually becoming an adult.

Each area of life presents obstacles and changes. As time flies by, your brain doesn’t recognize the change in the same way it would if you made a conscious decision. However, as you go through recovery, you are changing, letting go of some old habits and your old ways of life while becoming something new. This can bring emotions of fear and discomfort. It is a new beginning in a different phase of life that takes time and patience. This is where the uncomfortable feelings begin.

You have been through an extensive change of entering recovery. You have felt awkward through each stage because you have made a difference in yourself and what you want in life. No longer are you able to use anything that helps you stay hidden from the person you are today. You are stronger, more committed, and more self-aware than you’ve ever been in your life. Now it’s time to own it and live your life to the fullest. This part comes with feeling uncomfortable.

No More Games

You’re not playing a game anymore. You are jumping into a sea of new changes with recent growth and a new direction, and you’re going to feel hindered on a few levels. This is normal, but it will strengthen you. Growing from the person you used to be into someone new is going to involve letting go, being fearful, and overcoming obstacles. You won’t always feel sure about the outcome.

However, in treatment, you were trained with the right coping mechanisms, the right education, and all the right tools for any potential unforeseen events. When you remember these training tools and resources, you can overlook the uncomfortable feelings and push yourself to grow despite feeling uncomfortable. After treatment, there are going to be a few things that most likely will change.

What Might Change?

You may feel uncomfortable and might revert to previous habits. However, if you push forward, persevere, and uphold your confidence in your growth, you can surrender your comfort and unmask the truth about yourself. For example, you may change your friendships, relationships, eating habits, social outing ideas, and values. You’ll even find that things you found yourself previously unable to resist, you can now resist.

This amount of change is valuable and extensive, but because you don’t know what the future holds, your level of comfort can sometimes be a roadblock in your progression. 

It is vital at this point in life that, when feeling comfortable takes more power over you than your progression, you reach out to someone who understands substance use. You can learn more about what it’s like to persevere and move forward despite your fears and unforeseen scenarios in the future. You felt awkward after recovery, but that can be a beautiful thing, and it’s something worth going through. Those hardships will make you a stronger, better person.

Trust and Inspiration After Treatment

Your recovery process requires your trust in yourself. If you question your self-worth, or you question your trust, consider spending time with familiar friends who went through similar scenarios on their recovery journey. Reach out to those in your support group and ask for help; that’s why they’re there. They are like a charged battery that can re-energize you when times get tough.

You will notice in the end that you’re more likely to discover that every person who is going through recovery has something strange about them and that they have dealt with feeling like they’re uncomfortable at some point or another. But that’s okay! Each person is their own, and they are unique — just like you.

You can inspire yourself, encourage others, gain confidence, and overpower any uncomfortable feelings you may have in life after treatment to pursue your means of growth. Your growth feels uncomfortable because you don’t necessarily know what is going to happen. However, you can better prepare yourself for the uncomfortable moments in life and transform that into the right growth by being open and honest with yourself.

If you or someone you love is working to recover from substance use or looking for new ways to take their life back into their hands, it’s time to take the steps and accept the uncomfortable feelings of change. At NorthStar Transitions, we have individualized recovery solutions, making sure your treatment is unique to you. In the end, you will learn to transform yourself, find meaning and purpose in life, and establish the confidence to push yourself through the uncomfortable moments in life. You can strengthen yourself with the right guidance. Our facility believes that changing your life begins with feeling uncomfortable, but change requires comfort to make a difference and give you an opportunity. With our substance use treatment options, you can learn how to take your life back as you deserve. Contact NorthStar Transitions for recovery solutions that you can depend on as you recover. Prepare for your future today at (303) 558-6400.

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