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Residential treatment centers serve as a safe landing place where individuals can find the structure and support they need to get sober. But when it’s time to begin the next stage of recovery and return to the real world, it can be hard to leave behind the comfort of an inpatient facility. After being immersed in a community of recovering peers, many find that sober living helps reinforce the lessons learned in drug or alcohol treatment and ease the stress of transitioning.

That’s why NorthStar Transitions extends its continuum of care with sober living options in the Boulder, Colorado, area. In these transitional communities, men 18 and older can establish friendships and build healthy routines that will continue to serve them well beyond rehab. 


Recovery is a lifelong process, and finishing a treatment program is just the start. The real work begins after rehab, when clients are out in the world and faced with the stress and uncertainty of daily life. While it’s easy to get discouraged by setbacks or mishaps, true recovery means learning how to navigate these obstacles without relying on drugs or alcohol. Getting to this point takes time, however, and it doesn’t happen overnight. 

Sober living helps clients get closer to the goal of lifelong recovery by providing them with a supportive environment that bridges the gap between highly structured treatment programs and the autonomy of everyday life. As clients transition out of rehab and wonder what comes next, sober living communities allow them to fortify their new coping skills and develop effective strategies for maintaining a healthy, drug-free lifestyle without relapse.

Sober living also gives clients the chance to turn their focus inward and develop a clearer sense of purpose. This can help them stay on track in recovery while exploring new opportunities for growth, opening up a path to a better future. Some take this time to go back to school, start a new career or repair their relationships with loved ones, but the possibilities are endless when drugs or alcohol are no longer a factor.

At NorthStar Transitions, our sober living program for men is designed to do all of this and more, providing a safe space where clients won’t feel embarrassed or judged as they work toward their recovery goals. Located in Boulder, Colorado, and set against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, our sober residences combine the comfort of home with the support of a dedicated recovery community to help clients transition back to independent living and achieve the health and happiness they deserve.

Why Choose a Male-Only Sober Home?

When it comes to recovery, men and women have different needs. Men are more likely to abuse illicit substances in the first place and start doing so at an earlier age. Men are also more likely to take risks and use drugs or alcohol to fit in, and often feel the impact of addiction in certain areas of their life. Because their experiences of substance abuse differ, it makes sense that their treatment should, too, with personalized options that are tailored to meet their unique needs.

NorthStar Transitions provides gender-informed sober living solutions for men in recovery. Sober communities act as a safety net that enables residents to experience renewed independence after completing a treatment program, but our gender-specific approach provides an additional layer of support by addressing the specific needs of male clients. Here, men have the freedom to communicate openly and deal with issues like social roles, anger and aggression while building relationships with peers facing the same concerns. 

Because it can be difficult to navigate the challenges of early recovery and avoid certain pitfalls, our gender-specific sober homes also let men readjust to daily life with built-in accountability and fewer distractions. By providing a male-only environment, this includes discouraging residents from complicating the recovery process with romantic pursuits and allowing them to achieve new levels of personal growth.


Sober living is a transitional step in the recovery process that allows clients to practice their new recovery skills in a safe, supportive environment. The real world is full of temptations, triggers and distractions that could lead to relapse after returning home, but sober living communities help prevent this by teaching clients how to confront these issues head-on and further develop the coping skills they learned in rehab. By acting as a buffer between addiction treatment and the pressures of everyday life, sober living is ideal for anyone who is transitioning out of a full-time or residential program. 

At NorthStar Transitions, our gender-informed sober living homes are recommended for men who:

  • Prefer a gender-specific sober living environment
  • Are transitioning out of a rehab program and are partaking in NorthStar's IOP programming
  • Want to eliminate distractions while readjusting to daily life
  • Feel more comfortable sharing with peers of the same gender
  • Will comply with house rules and accountability practices
  • Are committed to the goal of long-term sobriety


NorthStar Transitions’ modern sober living homes are located in Boulder, Colorado, and fully equipped with the latest amenities, including premium cable and wifi service, an updated kitchen and semi-private bedrooms. Residences are also near bus routes and bicycle trails for easy access to grocery stores, malls, restaurants, work, entertainment and more, allowing clients to get out and see what the area has to offer. And with close proximity to the Flatirons and Rocky Mountain National Park, there’s no shortage of places to explore.

While living in one of NorthStar Transitions’ sober homes, residents are expected to follow all house rules, submit to scheduled drug testing, participate in accountability partnerships and attend regular 12-step group meetings. No drugs or alcohol are allowed on the premises, and clients that violate this policy may be asked to leave. These measures are designed to protect residents and instill a greater sense of responsibility, camaraderie and fellowship among men in our sober living community.

Our goal is to help clients work toward a brighter future, so the NorthStar Transitions staff will be available throughout the lease period to provide occupational and educational support. Over time, residents find that pursuing new employment, volunteer or educational opportunities provides a welcome focus and healthy structure upon which to build a life free from chemical dependency. Additional therapeutic and leisure activities are also available, during which time residents can relax with peers, work out at the recreation center, try new hobbies or join intramural sports teams. Hiking, camping and rock climbing in the Flatirons or at the nearby Rocky Mountain National Park provide even more opportunities for getting outdoors and staying active.


  • Twice a week mandatory 12 step meeting
  • Once a week mandatory house meeting
  • Weekly house adventure activity
  • Weekly grocery stipend
  • Membership to the YMCA of Boulder Valley fitness and recreation center
  • Centrally located in Boulder near bus routes & bicycle trails for easy access to grocery stores, malls, restaurants, work, entertainment, etc.
  • Semi-private bed and bathrooms
  • Luxurious queen beds
  • Premium cable & wi-fi service
  • Cell phone & computer access
  • Well-equipped food preparation areas

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