Alix Moore, CAS

Alix Moore has 7 years of tenure with the NorthStar team, where she led the Admissions Department and developed the systems, policies, procedures, and training manuals for both client intake and overall company communication.

She is a Certified Addiction Specialist who has found purpose through working with individuals in recovery. As someone who has walked alongside both family members and friends who struggle with addiction, Alix is dedicated to supporting those in recovery in making positive, sustainable and long term life changes. 

Alix’s current role is Community Relations Director, where she focuses on building relationships with community partners and connecting clients with services that best meet their needs. She works closely with the admissions and clinical teams to provide options for continuing care, and is passionate about making connections to trusted resources more accessible.

She is a Boulder native who believes strongly in investing in both physical and mental health through fitness, nutrition, music, travel and building a strong and supportive community.

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