Amanda Smith, LAC, LPCC

Amanda takes a mindfulness-based approach to counseling weaving in ritual and ceremony, nature and play, and understanding of the brain and nervous system. Amanda guides her clients to learn to build meaningful and boundaried relationships, find support from a community, have fun and enjoy daily life, come to know themselves more deeply, and ease the discomforts of living.

Amanda is trained in Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy, which she studied at Naropa University, and also holds a bachelor’s degree in Neurosciences from the University of Wisconsin. Amanda’s career began in the area of infant mental health where she discovered the importance of early experiences and attachment relationships as they shape who we are and how we relate to others and the world around us. In her freetime, Amanda can be found hiking, camping, rock climbing, advocating for social justice, and hanging out with her sweet cat, Juniper.

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