Recovery On New Year's Eve


Men and women in their first year of recovery face an obstacle soon—New Year’s Eve. While all essential holidays can’t present issues for people with varying lengths of time, NYE is a holiday that is synonymous with drinking. The upcoming celebration can either be a teachable moment or a slip back into old behaviors. If the latter is not an option, you are willing to entertain, then it’s best to do everything in your power to safeguard your recovery.Significant days of the year, i.e., Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are difficult for some people to manage. There are many memories tied to holidays, remembering both good times and bad can generate undesired emotions. When stress is left unchecked, such feelings can precipitate poor decision making as one attempts to cope with painful memories.Some individuals can struggle with fully appreciating their limitations in recovery during this time of year. It is vital for all concerned parties to remember, they can't drink or drug no matter what. To that end, such people cannot put themselves in any situation that may jeopardize their program. In the first year of recovery, one would be hard-pressed to find a good reason to put him or herself into a room full of people drinking 2018 to a close. Even those who feel secure in their recovery are at risk of underestimating their disease. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to bring in the New Year without incident; and, NYE is an excellent opportunity to learn something about the value of community.

Preventing Relapse In Recovery On NYE

With four days to go until the countdown to 2019, each person has ample opportunity to fortify their program. Now is the perfect time to start making a plan for how you will find the New Year, clean and sober.Those who are in their first year may feel tempted to accept an invitation to a party from an old friend. Some may feel the urge to prove that they can be around heavy consumption without succumbing to the temptation to use. While the latter may prove right, one must ask him or herself, 'is it worth the risk if I am wrong?'Addiction recovery is about establishing new, healthy behaviors; it is about forming new traditions to observe in the years of recovery to follow. Each New Year's Eve provides individuals with an opportunity to strengthen their connections with support group peers. Addiction recovery meetings are held around-the-clock, across-the-country on Monday, December 31, 2018!Making a point of participating in more than one meeting on NYE, is to put your recovery-first. What's more, it is likely that people in your support network are organizing a sober get-together for bringing in the New year. There will probably be an announcement of some kind, but if not, then it's best to ask around. Such gatherings can be a mess of fun and are a healthy outlet for promoting lasting recovery. It is wise to remember that men and women in recovery are not "sticks in the mud;" take drugs and alcohol out of the occasion and you are left with authentically enthusiastic people.The goal is to stay present and welcome 2019 with a promising start. Individuals who remain close to their support network position themselves for success in the 365 days to come.

Embracing Recovery In 2019

NorthStar Transitions would like to wish everyone, with one week or ten years, a safe and sober New Year's Eve and a Happy New Year. Utilize your coping tools, practice the principles of recovery in all your affairs, and keep your phone charged.New Year's Eve is also a time of making resolutions. If you are resolved to make 2019 the year of your recovery, then we invite you to contact NorthStar Transitions. NST is a licensed and Joint Commission accredited substance abuse treatment center with locations in Boulder and Denver, Colorado.

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