The Small Steps and Victories in Recovery

Have you recently asked yourself what small steps and victories you’ve made lately? As the year progresses, you may lose sight of the small steps you’re making on the recovery path. This happens because life continues to move forward, and you get busy. However, re-adjusting your center takes balance and direction. Remembering goals can lead you towards small steps and victories worth acknowledging. How can you make consistent small steps during the year to claim them as victories even when you are busy?

The Inventory of You

Throughout the year, you are challenged by many scenarios. You probably experience both successful challenges and unsuccessful challenges. Recovery is not an overnight success, and you may find moments during the year where you have a hard time seeing your progress. When those times occur, it is vital to take an inventory of yourself and your achievements.

Your inventory may include recognition of your current recovery status, the setbacks you’ve encountered, the goals you’ve accomplished, and the motivations driving you forward. There is no need to dwell on your shortcomings, but you can learn from them. Taking an inventory of yourself takes all the signs of progress, failures, mishaps, challenges, and goals, compiling them in one central location. When you write the inventory down, you create a visual image of reflection.

Once you have the inventory compiled, you can redirect your attention to the areas needing recognition or areas requiring a victory. If you notice there are areas needing attention, the inventory allows you to practice your self-compassion by re-focusing you towards a new goal or fresh perspective. Ask yourself if you have made progress in each area, and if you have, make a note to celebrate! Recovery takes time and patience. Each victory you made is a well-deserved celebration and an important part of your small steps in recovery.

Daily Guideposts

Now that you see yourself in a new light and have created the outline of your goals and victories, you can establish a daily guidepost. Each day during the year can hold new opportunities and new challenges. This does not mean that each day is going to be easy. You are already headed in the right direction with recovery, but now you need a daily plan of action.

Recovery does not have an instruction manual; however, when you recognize your current victories and small steps, you can achieve great outcomes in life. Take the time to evaluate your daily goals, which form the recovery path’s guiding posts. Each day, follow the guideposts and celebrate every small step. These can be daily goals, such as engaging in positive actions and self-care activities or avoiding a challenge that may have triggered you.

Each moment throughout the day requires attention and reflection. Take it one day at a time and use the guideposts as a form of notable victory. Over time, as you achieve the daily goals, you are making active progress and steps on the recovery path. However, if you notice this is difficult, work with your treatment team and find reasonable daily goals to help you achieve success. When you focus on the here and now, your skills and progress gain focus, furthering your success in recovery.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

During the year, you may feel you are taking two steps forward and then one backward. This is normal in recovery. Not everyone’s recovery path is the same, and where some of your peers feel they have tremendous success, you may find it difficult. During these moments, it is important to remember why you are here.

Your life is your journey, and you are in the driver’s seat. Where you end up is up to you. However, there is help to get you there. When you feel you are taking steps backward, reach out to your therapist or loved ones for help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Everyone needs aid at some point in life, regardless if it’s today or tomorrow.

How you choose to handle the challenge is what will make all the difference. Sometimes, what you think is taking a step backward is really a sidestep. During the times you take a step to the side, you have the time to collect yourself and redirect yourself. Use the tools and resources available to you to get you back on the path and keep moving forward.

Bearing Long-Term Fruit

Each step towards recovery, whether you are new to the path or already on your journey, will bear fruit in the end. Do you want to have sweet fruit or rotten fruit? During the year, your recovery path requires resolution and attention to grow correctly. How you decide to care for yourself affects the kind of fruit you grow. You may feel lost and uncomfortable or even experience setbacks. 

However, if you stay true to yourself and follow your goals, you can influence the type of fruit you create. Each small step and victory in recovery influences the direction of your journey and the fruit you will find along the way.

At NorthStar Transitions, we understand the monthly and daily challenges that surface along the recovery path. We know you are committed to having a healthy and happy life, and we are here to help regardless of what part of the path you are on. Our team wants to help you establish guideposts for a healthy recovery that bear healthy, happy fruit in the end. We can help you nurture yourself with quality resources and compassion. Each step you take matters for the long-term direction of your life. You can empower yourself on your recovery journey by using the right navigation tools. Located in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, NorthStar Transitions offers premier treatment services for those struggling with substance abuse. If you need help with substance use or know someone who needs help, it is time to take your first step forward. Reach out to us today. For more information, call us at (303) 558-6400.

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